Omazz Tencel Print - Mrs. Mary 02

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Omazz Tencel Print - Mrs. Mary 02
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Omazz Tencel Print - Mrs. Mary 02
Omazz Tencel® Bedlinen unites the advantages of many different fibers yet it is 100% natural based. It is known to be as fine as silk, as strong as polyester, as easy to care for as acrylic, cool and pleasant like linen, as warm as wool See more
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Omazz Tencel® Bedlinen unites the advantages of many different fibers yet it is 100% natural based. It is known to be as fine as silk, as strong as polyester, as easy to care for as acrylic, cool and pleasant like linen, as warm as wool and absorbs more moisture than cotton. 

OMAZZ TENCEL® Bedlinen is hydrophilic and produced from natural Cellulose fiber through Nano-technology. 

Thus, it guarantees:

  • Fine and Luxurious feel
  • Sleep cool in summer      
  • Pleasantly warm in winter      
  • 50% better moisture absorbent      
  • Keep you dry all night long      
  • 100% stronger than cotton fabric  

The european eco award:

OMAZZ TENCEL® Bedlinen for being made from environmentally-friendly production process.

Omazz Tencel Print - Mrs. Mary 02

Omazz Tencel Print - Mrs. Mary 02

Omazz Tencel Print - Mrs. Mary 02

Omazz Tencel Print - Mrs. Mary 02

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Can I remove the tag?
  • Never remove the tag as it serves as a mean of identification, should you have a warranty claim.
Is there any special care for my mattress?
  • Once your new mattress is installed, it is a good idea to allow it to air out before putting on sheets. The air-out period depends largely on your preference. If you can still detect any remaining chemical smell after some time, leave it a while longer. At Mattress City, all mattresses sold are used with water-based adhesive, therefore ensuring your rest to be as natural as possible.
  • Use a good quality, washable mattress protector. This will protect your investment from food and drink spills and other stains that may be difficult to clean.
  • If you somehow get a stain or a dirty spot, clean it promptly. Use minimal pressure and a mild soap with the tiniest amount of cold water. Avoid all dry cleaning chemicals. Be sure to completely dry any dampness before covering the area with sheets again.
  • Do not allow your children to jump up and down your mattress. They could damage the inner construction of your mattress.
Do I need to flip or rotate my mattress?
  • At Mattress City, most of our mattresses are one-sided, non-flip style. This means, if you purchase one of these, you will not need to flip it over. We recommend, however, that you still rotate your mattress once in a while, generally in every 3 months, to prevent wear patterns based on the frequency of use and your weight. If you are using the two-sided, flip style mattresses, we recommend you rotate and flip your mattress in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If you can’t find any instructions, rotate it at least every 3 months and turn it over twice a year.
How do I carry my mattress?
  • It is best if you could find two or more people to carry your mattress because it will be much easier to maneuver. Please do not bend or fold your mattress more than 20″ as this could increase the likelihood of damage to your innerspring or various types of foam. Foam beds, however, can be bent at a higher degree than innerspring products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the color fade after washing?

    We guarantee that the color will not be faded and depressed after washing for a very long time.
  • How should I wash my bedlinen's products?

    Normally, all our bedlinen's product can be washed using both hand-washing and washing machine except Tencel which can be washed only by hand-washing.
  • Should I wash it before using?

    Yes. We highly recommend washing your bedlinen before using it.
  • How deep is the fitted sheet?

    Most of our fitted sheet can fit with 14-inch mattress in height
  • How many types of pillow case do you have?

    We have 2 types of pillow case which are standard and wing.
  • What's the thread count?

    Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per 10 square centimetre. For example. Lotus Impression have 330 Thread count.
  • Is your bedsheet breathable?

    Our fabric is breathable and definitely will bring you the comfortable feeling
  • What is your bedsheet made of?

    Our bedsheet is made from Microtex, Tencel, or Linin.
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